Sofia Varano della Vergiliana is a Perth based designer, illustrator and artist. With a background  in Advertising, illustration is an outlet for Sofia to create pieces of work that are not restricted by clients' boundaries. She employs a variety of mediums spanning from watercolours to digital manipulation to create works which depict outlandish content with an often vibrant and cartoonish aesthetic.

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PADC Best Illustration Award 2014


CORD 'Take a Seat' Exhibition, City Farm, Perth 2016
Valley of the Night Flowers, Linton & Kay Galleries, Perth 2015
YEN Magazines CURVY 06 exhibition, Mori Gallery, Sydney 2009


'Bloom' Mental Health and Wellbeing, Cover illustrations  2015
Semi Permanent Book 2014
STW Annual Report 2013 - 2014
YEN Magazines CURVY 06 publication 2009 

live art

The Art Games Semi Finals, 3rd place, Fremantle NOVEMBER 2015
The Art Games Round 9 Winner, Perth JUNE 2015